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European dumplings made with LOVE . . . 

The Spärrows is a modern continental cafe/restaurant offering a great variety of hand made dumplings & pasta of European origin. Specialty of the house are Spätzle, fresh egg pasta representing a vast geographical  region of South Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Alsace & Sud Tyrol, including Trentino & Alto Adige of Northern Italy. Dumplings menu expands further to European classics, such as delicious Russian Pelimeni, Polish Pierogi, Italian Ravioli and fresh rolled Pasta. All complimented by choice of traditional/regional sauces & daily baked bread. A cup of Italian coffee or Japanese green tea should not be a miss in the morning, while Swiss craft beer, a glass of organic Austrian wine or fine Japanese Sake will make a perfect pairing with Goulash Tyrolese in the evening. 

MEZZELUNE - half moon shaped pasta from SÜD TYROL
CAPPELETI - ITALAIN "little hats" 
PIEROGI - POLISH traditional pasta with cottage cheese & potato 
TAGLIOLINI - fresh cut pasta- San Marzano tomato& basil  sauce  
SPÄTZLE-irregular egg pastatypical for Bavaria, Tyrol, Austria , Switzerland and South Turol [ Trentino/ Alto Adige]