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 The Spärrows  

The Sparrow is a spiritual symbol of joy and protection. It represents simplicity and community.

Its high productivity is believed to be achieved through team work and passionate dedication. The inspiration for the name of our new venture derives from the Swabian word: spätzen, meaning 'little sparrows"- used to describe, flour & egg-based irregular dumplings - S P Ä T Z L E. 

Spätzle are common not only in Germany, Austria & Switzerland, but also to Alsace and Italy's Südtirol (South Tyrol) Trentino & Alto Adige, Northern regions of Italy. It is an amazing example of dumpling that represent heart of Europe, beyond political borders.


Home to the hand made continental pasta, dumplings & noodles. Cooked with passion by Trentino [Northern Italy] born chef Franco Concli and served by spirits &  Japanese Sake expert - Kasia Hitchcock.  


The Spärrow's team ambition is to rejuvenate knowledge and showcase flavoursome heritage of Central Europe's hand made dumplings & pasta. . . while sipping fine wines, craft beers & Japanese sake too. 

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